Securing electronics with a sense…

Double Armor Against Radiation

Today’s telecom setups are nothing more than expensive computers with sophisticated software that direct voice and data and provide features such as call waiting, caller ID and voice mail, and many more other features we can expect.

Like any other computer or sensitive electronic equipment, telecommunications electronics are susceptible to damage from heat, electrical disturbances, moisture, and direct physical damage. When properly protected from these exposures, the electronics that make up the backbone of the telecommunications industry are highly reliable.

Most of these factors are taken into consideration and resolved whereas problems because of heat and rising temperature of outdoor panels due to various factors is generally overlooked. Manifold has come up with an initiative to solve this global issue without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Your Challenges

We know that presently India is going through telecom revolution and is probably ahead in technology than few developed countries as well. But at the same time, we as end consumers know that there are lot many problems that goes unnoticed. Problems like call drops, calls not connecting, not getting proper internet speed despite being connected on a 4G network have become our routine pain areas. Eventually we have accepted them the way they are without going deep into the root cause of it. Heat inside the outdoor panels is the main culprit which is attributed due to various factors as listed.

Equipment generated heat
Ambient heat due to direct sunlight and wind
Shades and reflection from ground or buildings
Cabinet design, surface area & solar absorptivity
Air exchange with outside environment, if any

The Impact

Conventional Solutions

All the solutions in existence works on the principal of dissipating heat or reducing the temperature after reaching threshold.

Air Conditioners, PCM's & DC Air cons
Heat Exchangers
FCU-free cooling units
Ribbed & finned bodies
2 wire fan, 4 wire fans & fans with filters
and many more..

Sun is not

going to be kind

in coming Future..


There is no reason

why the temperature will come down..


    We believe that controlling the temperature rise is much greener way than cooling it down.

    So, all the conventional methods of using Air Conditioners, heat exchangers, fans etc. are addressing conduction & convection to cool down what is already hot.

    What we talk about is “PREVENTION”

    Solar radiation is probably the biggest culprit that further aggrevated with the radiation from various surrounding surfaces like ground, buildings etc. And THAT’S HUGE!!!
    After research of two years on ODC’s and having tried various combinations, we finally got the best Delta-T in a combination!

    DAAR stands for ‘Double Armour Against Radiation’. It prevents the cabinet from

    • direct sunlight – Armour 1
    • light reflected from the ground and other surface areas – Armour 2
    • guides Air between the Cabinet & Solar Shield


    • Prevents the cabinet from direct sunlight
    • Reduces impact of Solar Radiation on the Cabinet
    • Prevents the light reflected from the ground and other surface areas
    • Guides Air between the Cabinet & Solar Shield thus reducing temperature further by dissipating heat generated inside the cabinet
    • Made with fabric used for outdoor furniture hence giving product a longer life
    • Solar Shielded cabinets have a lesser OPEX as compared to a simple cabinet
    • Can be tailored to design of customer’s cabinet

    Invest in Penny now and save Pounds for the Decades to come!