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Utility Cabinets

Manifold is the leading manufacturer of Custom Made Industrial Electrical Enclosures, junction boxes and electrical cabinets. Our junction boxes are manufactured with very advanced technical methods and with the precision and consciousness of a craftsman. This makes it different from our competitors and is the best way to win our customers trust.

At Manifold, we bear in mind that customers perceive the quality very clearly. It is the safety and its usefulness of the solutions what customers value most. Therefore, it is not an accident that our company has been leading the market for nearly three decades, it is the result of hard work and efforts by many people.

Outdoor & Indoor Cabinets

Our outdoor heavy duty electrical enclosures and climate control components can withstand even the toughest wind, dust and outdoor weather conditions. These heavy duty cabinets & enclosures are designed to foil both the weather elements as well as street vandalism.

These are designed to be placed in urban or interurban areas, protecting the electronic equipment needed for lighting, signage and video surveillance. Its application range is extended with external telecommunication installations, telephones, computers, weather stations and any other application that needs extra protection.

Being highly resistant to corrosion and wear, it is ideal for placement anywhere in the cities and even on highways.

Indoor Utility cabinets are available in standard models as well as manufactured to the specific customer requirements also. Indoor electrical panels, LT panels, UPS & generator control panels, Lift control panels are some of the typical indoor application areas.