COVID-19 Solution: Saving Lives


Sanitization Chambers

COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 changed the way we used to do lots of things. The way we work, the way we meet with each other, everything was redefined and a new normal was established. Leaving everything behind, top priority was on sanitization. From frequently washing hands to sanitizing people and luggage’s in public places has become the most important weapon to combat the deadly virus.

There was a big practical challenge to sanitize every person or baggage manually. In a country with the second largest population in the world, it becomes even more difficult to bring discipline among the people. Manifold came up with yet another innovative solution as a savior. “ManiZone” is a sanitization zone or chamber from which you have to mandatorily pass without avoiding it. When a person or his luggage passes through that zone, it gets sanitized automatically without fail.

Thus, ManiZone saves lot of manpower involved in sanitization task and the risk of themselves getting infected while performing sanitization activities. Above all ManiZone saves precious lives.