Pre-Fabricated Shelters

Acoustic and Thermal insulation-REDEFINED

The harsh environs are a bigger culprit than the purported ones. At Manifold, we strive to do our bit in minimizing the hardships faced by the people. Manifold is the industry leader for Pre-Fabricated Shelters for numerous applications.


Stringent design and specifications makes them suitable for Living Shelters, High Altitude Shelters, Clean Rooms, Telecom Shelters, Acoustically Insulated Rooms, Cold Storage and other elements of Cold Chain Solutions. These are designed to withstand -40°C to +55°C temperature range, up to 150 mile/hour wind speed and massive 1000 mm standing snow load.

High Altitude Shelters

EPS Shelters

Living Shelter

Dome Shelters

Telecom Shelters

Cold Storage Cabins


Clean Rooms


  • Light weight, high load bearing capacity
  • Corrosion free, low maintenance
  • Multiple use cases
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Oxygen generator
  • Modular design
  • Sewage treatment
  • Power management
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adequate fire reaction and resistance
  • Absolute water and vapour barrier
  • Excellent sound insulation

Testing parameters

  • Oven Heating test
  • Humidity Chamber test
  • Compression testing
  • Ball Impact test
  • Pencil Hardness test
  • Closed Cell Content
  • Cross Hatching Test
  • Flammability Chamber test
  • Deep Freezer testing
  • Salt Spray Chamber test
  • Bend Machine testing
  • Density Machine testing