Solar Oxygenated Shelters

Making life easier at high altitudes…

Solar Oxygenated Shelters

Living life at high altitude areas is not as simple as living in the planes. It actually is far more difficult than anyone of us can imaging. Extreme climatic conditions can turn your life into a major disaster with generally sub-zero temperature due to insufficient sunlight and on top of it, oxygen levels are also extremely poor at heights.

Manifold has come up with an innovative solution to this problem by harvesting the solar power inside a closed prefabricated shelter. These shelters are made with special material that prevents from cold breeze outside as well as helps in maintaining the oxygen level inside the shelter.

Your Challenges

  • Sub-zero temperatures makes life really difficult
  • Utility and sanitation problems as water freezes below zero degree
  • Very less Solar exposure to increase the temperature
  • Strong breeze makes it even worse

Our Solution

  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Light weight, yet sturdy
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Functional toilets
  • Maintained Oxygen levels

How we Solved it?

Solar Oxygenated Shelters is our solution to combat this concern faced be people living in these areas, especially our armed forces personnel deputed at at the high altitude borders. We use most competent technologies to manage various challenging situations.

Thermal management

These shelters are made up with adroitly designed PUF Panels to protect against strong wind as well as temperature insulation. In addition to the PUF insulation, a layer of PCM (Phase Changing Material) is used to store the solar heat available during the day and release it during the night. The selection of PCM is done such that it can maintain the target temperature of 15ºC inside the shelter.

Power management

Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) are user for heating and other electrical requirements without use of any kind of fossil fuel in regular use. Solar electrical energy is also stored in efficient Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) for backup power during night and solar outages. There is also a provision of diesel generator for extreme emergency when solar as well as backup power is not available.

Sewage management

Suitably modified SBR and DRDO technologies are used for sewage treatment system in the shelters. The system is sized according to the generation of Black and Grey water by the occupants in the shelter. Black water is treated with Bio STP which is equipped with AFD (Anti-Freeze Device) which can operate at low ambient temperatures, whereas Grey water is disposed after filtering out the floating impurities.

Oxygen Control System

Highly efficient with low power consumption oxygen generator/concentrators are installed in the shelters. These are adequately selected to maintain oxygen level in the living room equivalent to <9000 ft. altitude areas.